What is our Mission?

The Travel Information Division of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has as its central mission to inspire, support, and promote travel to and within the state of Texas. In fulfilling that mission, the Travel Division provides a portfolio of publications, professional travel counseling, and a range of products and services for the traveling public and for TxDOT.

What is the Texas Travel Leads system?

The Texas Travel Leads system is a database that contains the names and addresses of individuals who have requested travel literature about Texas.

The primary users of the Texas Travel Leads system are members of the Texas tourism industry, including members of the Texas Travel Industry Association as well as individual destinations.

How large is the database?

On average, it contains between two and three million names and addresses. This includes all requests received during the current year plus the responses from the last two years. In a typical year, the database receives up to 900,000 leads.

What is the primary purpose of Texas Travel Leads?

The system provides an automated process for collecting requestor names and addresses and forwarding them to a fulfillment warehouse for rapid delivery of a customized Texas travel packet. In addition, registered users can download lists of prospective Texas travelers for the purpose of promoting their region or city.

Who can use the information in this system?

Use of the database is restricted to business entities involved directly in the tourism industry in Texas. Examples of these entities are Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, campgrounds, theme parks, and other independent attractions and destinations.